Nos vemos el viernes en el Taller de Escritura Creativa del programa de ocio alternativo La Noche Es Tuya, en el Centro Social de Pumarín de Oviedo, todos aquellos/as interesados/as de 18 a 35 años, de 23h a 02h, totalmente gratuito!
PARTS OF US mourns about the impossibility of any successful communication. If only parts of us will ever touch parts of others, then we are confined in our bodies. We are locked in prisons we strive to share. Parts Of Us is made up of fragments: poems, quotes, cut in half pictures... and ends with Four Earnest Songs, where the body becomes the entrance hall to nonexistence. As Anne Carson said: "I like to deal with fragments. Because no matter what the thought would be if it were fully worked out, it wouldn’t be as good as the suggestion of a thought that the space gives you."